Facebook to Unveil a 'Buy' Button in Your Newsfeed

Robert Karbaum
Alright. Which one of you will be the first to implement this into your sales and marketing strategy? Any takers?
Robert Karbaum
Lauren Moses
I love the idea but it seems like it is asking for trouble. My worry is payments and then how do you verify that what you are purchasing is actually what you receive. Maybe for dealerships it would be better as a way to reserve a vehicle that a dealership has posted. With new vehicles costs, how do you verify that the payments are good? Surely it would be almost like using paypal or the square card reader but online.
Robert Karbaum
I doubt Facebook would let you use it for anything else but a purchase. The impact would be in integrating it entirely. I'm curious if anyone has the stones to use it full force in the Auto industry.
Lauren Moses
As far as "stones" goes... Not with me haha. However, I wouldn't mind testing it out on some of our used vehicles that are priced lower. Honestly, what is the harm in trying. If you think about it, they have to make the payment to you before you can release the vehicle to them. Especially if it's someone who is purchasing that is not located close to the dealer they are purchasing from. If that's the case and they press the buy button and make the payment, you have until they get there for it to clear. Or you can make a disclaimer on your page saying any purchases made through facebook will have to completely clear the bank before pick up can be arranged. Time for some more in depth research on this one.
Linda Loepker
Will Facebook be getting a percent of the sale?

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