Facebook Use At Your Dealership

Cooper Gruszka

How is your dealership utilizing Facebook?


Marketplace, Ads, Regular Posting?


Have you noticed an increase in traffic during the pandemic? 

Chris K Leslie

We do both marketplace and ads. We've seen a huge jump in leads and response during the pandemic. Most of which I expected since people are at home. 

Morgan Hardy

All of the above. All are getting a lot of responses. Only few are fruitful

Cooper Gruszka

I’ve seen an increase as well. The ads are hands down the most fruitful but many dealerships simply don’t spend enough. 


Niki Walsh

I have heard of a lot of dealerships turning to marketplace to boost Used Inventory as opposed to traditional auctions.  Thoughts?


Cooper Gruszka

I haven’t personally heard of that but it sounds like a great idea.

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