Facebook Use At Your Dealership

Cooper Gruszka

How is your dealership utilizing Facebook?


Marketplace, Ads, Regular Posting?


Have you noticed an increase in traffic during the pandemic? 

Morgan Hardy

@Niki- yes, I've seen a lot of success with dealers using Marketplace to advertise and to buy vehicles.

Derrick Woolfson

We pulled all of our spend w/ FB and other social media sites, and haven't looked back. We are getting much better results adding those funds into our Google Campaigns, and now Linked-in. 

Cooper Gruszka

That’s one I haven’t heard before. Google is great but I don’t see how pulling ad spend from Facebook, where 74% of users log in daily, could be good. Other social media like Instagram I get because of the young audience.

Derrick Woolfson

@Cooper, too much white noise on FB. Several other fortune 100 & 500 companies have been following suit and pulling their ad spend, using it on other platforms. I ran the same ad in FB & Google, and it way out performed FB. We still regularly post organic content, just not paid advertising. 

Cooper Gruszka

Makes sense. I feel there is definitely a difference in the demographic that responds on each platform so it doesn’t surprise me two identical ads had different results.


Are the google campaign leads subprime for the most part?



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