FB Lead Ads

Chris K Leslie

Seems like the past few days my lead ads keep getting disapproved. It says the reason is that its forcing a download or something but thats not the case. Anyone else having issues with lead ads? BTW its only happening on one of my ad accounts not on all of them... 


Ryan Gerardi

What happens when you 'Appeal?'

Chris K Leslie

it takes forever. i was able to find a work around though. 

Mark Rask

never heard of this

Moe Bakhtiari


Although something like this can be frustrating and be a hick up in progress the good news is Facebook has a great customer service team on the advertising wing of the company that can help solve something like this. 



Chris K Leslie

I think what might have been causing it is CDK’s Promo POP. Which is a personalization pop up that shows on a return visit. Not a big deal though as there is an option to include a phone number and have the ad show a call ya button. Which is what I’d rather have anyways really.

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