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Russ Chandler
With all the different type of lead generators for dealer websites and other advertising, I wonder what features are on everyones wish list? Forget whats possible or feasible, if you could imagine any feature that makes your lead generators better what would it be? It could solve a problem, make process easier or just accomplish the impossible. This always seems to be a fun conversation, I look forward to everyones response.
Cody Jerry
A/B testing on ad copy / design would be pretty great!
Russ Chandler
Hey Cody, hope all is going well for you! It would be pretty cool to have an easy way to A/B test new design and copy. Key word there being "easy". Convenience is probably the biggest problem with A/B testing today, its just not easy for your avg Joe.
mark rask
russ is correct
Cody Jerry
The other problem would simply be design knowledge. Attempting adjustments willy-nilly without a specified hypothesis would be a good way to get poor results, and start building a bad reputation in the industry. Some other things that I would like are: Ability to Tweak URL Structure Drag and Drop + Saved Templates for Page Building (I get spoiled with this in Wordpress) Ability to Change Calls to Action and Colors on VDPs Conversion Tracking Standard on All Dealer Websites Easy Dynamic Phone Number Control What features are you looking for, Russ?

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