Feeling burnt out & needing advice...

Nicole Slager
Let me first start out by saying I truely LOVE my job. I couldn't imagine working in another industry. I moved to Florida about 8 months ago for a new job. It's my second BDC job & not what I'm used to. I don't have a manager looking over me, my calls aren't recorded and there's no accountability but I work hard, get customers in, on average lets say about 75. My sold ratio is a lot less, but theres nothing I can do about that. When I do talk to my boss he tells me to just make more phonecalls. I try my best to pump out at LEAST 60 calls daily, but it depends what time I call people. Last month was a very poor month, we just had somebody who did a little bit of internet take a leave of absence and I'm feeling like I'm fresh out of ideas to get people in. Should I switch up my emails? Call more frequently? Id love some advice if any of yall have some time!! Thanks so much!!!
Megan Barto
Look at your unsold customers - what's going on with them once they hit the showroom? & what is your appointment shown ----> sold closing percentage? What times are you calling? Look at the time the customer submitted the lead - do you call customers at different times each day? Don't worry - -we'll all help you work this out! :-)
Shawn Ryder
With the internet leads that come in - do you have a process in place for each contact? Are you have follow ups for those unsold? Manage a database of contacts so that you can have some information and build occasional touch points to keep in front of them.
Ron Henson
Nicole, Does your store train and certify the floor sales consultants on how to take a turn from the BDC? Is there consistency in the process so the customer feels a smooth transition?
Lauren Moses
Nicole, Don't worry too much. We all get in slumps where we feel like we wont get out of anytime soon. It will work itself out. June was a pretty slow month around here for us too so know that you are not alone. As for making more calls, that only works and helps if you are making quality calls. Also, what is your follow up with them after you talk to them? Do you schedule appointments and do appointment reminder calls? Maybe look into texting customers if they give you the ok to. Set yourself a goal and try to achieve it. Not something that you know you can easily do, but not something that is so hard it becomes impossible. Not only does it make bosses happy that you are setting reasonable goals and meeting them, it makes you feel good for the same reason.
Carlo Castillo
Nicole, You said it your self, "I don't have a manager looking over me, my calls aren't recorded and there's no accountability". If these basics aren't being done and your manager tells you to make more calls when your asking for help, there is a BIG PROBLEM!!!Your boss should be thrilled that your asking for help instead of just accepting the results your currently getting. If doesn't work out there contact me, I'm in Miami.

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