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Eric Miltsch
Hi Everyone, Here's a new Social Media Monitoring Program offering a FREE 30 Trial, provided by Trackle. Besides sharing a great new service, I'm fortunate to be 1 of 36 finalists in Trackle's iPad giveaway Contest. (All I had to do was answer a trivia question on twitter.) The winner is the person who refers the most FREE Trial sign-ups. So - check out this new monitoring program & help me get a shot at winning an iPad! When signing up for the FREE Trial, please be sure to use promo code: ERIC_IPAD - Thanks for your help. (Hope you try it - monitoring should be used, regardless of the company ultimately chosen) Sign Up Using Promo Code: ERIC_IPAD - Full Disclosure: I have no other affiliation with Trackle other than wanting to win an iPad. Really bad.
Jared Hamilton
Eric, Im a big fan of trying and checking out innovative features such as this plus im a supporter of yours so it was a no brainer to sign up. It took all of 20 seconds, just put in a email, select a password and drop in the ERIC_IPAD promo code. How are you doing in the contest? Ill keep you posted on my thoughts on the service. Thanks for sharing. j
Eric Miltsch
Thanks Jared! The promo code actually gives you a free 60 Day Premium Trial - not a 30 day as I noted above. Trackle said I was in 2nd place as of this afternoon. Appreciate the support. Eric
Paul Wilburn
Jared, Add another one to your count of sign-ups! Thanks
Tim Jennings
Allan Cooper
Eric, Add another mate. I will give you feedback on the service. Best, Coop

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