GA Referring Site Traffic

Chris K Leslie
Anyone else seeing a spike in odd phishing referral traffic to their sites? Something like this: / referral
mark rask
i am not
Mark Ribick
I believe everyone is, but I also believe most people don't know it. You can't stop it that I know of. Here's the best article I found on how to combat it. I filtered by hostname and it eliminated the referral spam from my reports going forward. I also made an annotation in my Analytics because it can noticeably decrease your "visitor" counts.
Chris K Leslie
Awesome, thanks Mark
Chad Sabatka
Yes it's a very common issue. One of my smaller sites was seeing about 95% of referral traffic in GA traffic from Referral Spam. This was about 1/3 of it's total traffic. It can create major issues when looking at GA and traffic numbers. Referral Spam increases bounce rate, decreases time on site, decreases pages per visit, and increases visitor count. I wrote a blog post on it and am preparing a more comprehensive blog post for Driving Sales to cover this very issue. There are two easy ways to block it from analytics, first apply a Filter to block it from getting reported to GA, but it's only good from that point forward. The other is to create Segment in which your apply to your views. This Segment is good for future and historical data.
Megan Barto
Chad - I can't wait to read your upcoming blog post about this issues - as I've seen it & like most here, it's frustrating! Please let us know when you've posted it. :-)

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