Generating sales from Facebook

Jamil The Carman

Just wondering how are you guys utilizing Facebook to bring traffic to your website and convert them to leads. I have a strong Facebook page and It's bringing so much traffic to my website. However, it’s been hard to keep track of how many people came through Facebook since customers tend to forget or just say we saw it on your website when sourcing them. So how are you measuring ROI and how does Facebook work for you?

Thank you 

Chris K Leslie

Start by building custom goals in GA with the goals being Thank you pages or whatever the redirect is after someone fills out a form. Then you can set up a custom report to look at your referall traffic and drill down to how many times they see those thank you pages. Since you are running a DEP site. you can look at all of your leads too in the dashbaord and it will show you where they came in from. So you could always do it that way too.  

Brian Rowland

If you are running Facebook Ads, be sure you (or your vendor) implement the Facebook pixel on your website and configure it on your Thank You pages (after someone submits a form).

Also, when creating Facebook ads, always append UTM parameters to your destination URL so you can track the ad campaign performance in Google Analytics.

Example destination URL:

Do this instead:

You can configure your destination URLs here:

Scott B

Brian & Chris nailed a lot of good points.

Define "strong Facebook page". To me, I could care less if I have 100, 1,000 or 10,000 fans. At the end of the day, no matter what you do, posts from an automotive dealer are destined to be hidden by Facebook's algorithm. A business selling something will not be deemed engaging by Facebooks standards., therefore with time you'll be reaching the same amount of our fans if you had 100 or 1,000 fans.

Unless you pay-to-play, Facebook is nothing more than a bunch of owners in a male anatomy size contest; who has more followers then who.

Either add Facebooks pixel (great for retargeting) or use a UTM builder to to track traffic in your analytics stack. Or also explore a better stack that allows you to follow each user throughout their lifecycle on your site over x period of time.

Allyn Hane

I tried "FaceBook Lead Ads" last month for my Hyundai store. These are leads that consumers submit without ever leaving FB. I got 12 leads on a $145 spend. (I need to get the sales too and will update when I do)

The success, I am convinced, is because it's less of a pattern interrrupt to the consumer. They are already on FB and I'm not asking them to leave, just take a couple minutes and give me their info, then they easily go back to viewing back to school pics and whatnot in their stream.

We ran a promotion on big trade in values on old cars (Cash4Clunkers) and the CTA was "tell us what your clunker is and we'll tell you if you qualify"

So the 12 leads I got had name, email and phone as well as the vehicle the consumer had to trade in.

I'm going to test it again this month with a different message and CTA and see if I can duplicate these results. 

Michele Howard

Targeted messages for different groups are a great way to increase engagement.  I agree with the post above pixel tracking is a must to follow the customer behaviors, but to take Facebook to a higher engagement level, think of it as a way to reach customers(previous, current and future)  these ads should be different from one another.  You can pull a lists from your CRM, upload to Facebook and segregate your customers by purchase, RO dates etc and create ads that fit their buying/servicing cycle and have separate ads for branding or Facebookers that have not visited your dealership.

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