Generic Emails Can Sabotage Your Marketing Efforts

Tori Zinger

Sending a generic monthly email to everyone in your CRM is ineffective. But more than that, it can actually sabotage your email campaign. Check out this infographic to learn what happens when you don't segment your email lists, and what can happen when you do. 

Chris K Leslie

All the reasons why to not use your CRM as your email marketing platform. 

Mike Cartwright

Agree with Chris. That's why it's not good to use a CRM for email campaigns. In email campaigns, segmentation and personalization are two of the most important things to remember.

So true. Unfortunately not enough dealers are educated about this and still do mass e-mail blasts. The other day I got an email for new lease specials from a dealership I had just purchased from in September. I didn't even bother to read the content, just unsubscribed with no hesitation.

Vidushi Jain

Totally agree with you Tori and Mike. The key is to maintain the balance between automation and personalization. And best way to achieve that is by segmentation.

Karen Ann

I must be missing something. I depend on the CRM to narrow down who we are sending emails to and when.

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