Geo Fencing

Christopher Murray
My idea is to look at geo fencing other, much larger dealerships from Saturday evening throughSunday evening. In this section of NY dealerships are closed on Sundays. If I geo fenced at those times, from everything I have read, the cost per banner will be much lower but, truth be known, more shoppers and lookers are out on Saturday evening and Sundays than any other time of the week.
Russ Chandler
Sharp approach, I would start with your mobile site and ensure that it's optimized to best convert mobile traffic before you start investing time in money for that traffic. Once you have that dialed in, whoever your mobile site is with probably offers some level of geo-targeted marketing. Start there to see what they offer since they are familiar with your dealership and mobile site. Your main options are search PPC and targeted/retargeted banner syle ads. You may also want to consider looking at a mobile app if you don't already have one. This is more of a customer retention strategy then acquisition but can still be effective. Once someone has downloaded your mobile app you can send them push notifications that are triggered by the geo-location of the customer in reference to your dealership. A great way to convert service customers to sales or sales to service. Off hand I know Reach Local has good mobile advertising products and may be one you want to look into. Good Luck!
Josh Knutson
Agree with above. A mobile app will also give you greater control over customer geo-targeted messaging allowing you to add more customizability to your specific customer demographic. Also great idea of advertising on Saturday and Sunday being as these are the two days customers are cross-shopping most, so hitting them as close to purchase as possible will be most beneficial.
Christopher Murray
I am really struggling getting anywhere with this Geo Fencing idea. My mobile site is as good as any I have seen and it is ready to receive leads, etc.... Cobalt tells me they have nothing to do with Geo Fencing so, as you can imagine, I am at a total loss! I am reaching out for some step by step instructions if anyone can be so kind....
Josh Knutson
Connecting your mobile site to a mobile app is definitely your next step. Utilizing your consumers location via their mobile device is how you will connect to them while on competitors lots. Setting up location targets allows you to set a pre determined distance a consumer must to be from a competitor/service station which will then push notification them ( ie very similar to a text message) letting them know of the offer you choose to place on that location( $500 off vehicle, free oil change ect.) Utilizing consumers location gives you a huge marketing advantage allowing you to target consumers where and when you want, am glad to offer further assistance.
Craig Hyder
Check out DMEautomotive's dealer branded "Driver Connect" mobile app. For more info regarding geo-fencing visit and contact me if you have any questions. Sending the right message to the right person at precisely the right time is very effective.

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