"Get E-Price" Leads Feedback

Russ Chandler
Research heavily suggests that "Get Your E-Price" or other similar static forms are top lead generators on dealer websites. I've seen several variations but they all seem to insinuate that you are requesting lower price, locking in the current price or making an offer on a specific vehicle. Sometimes they're just quick forms that are for redeeming a discount coupon on a vehicle for being an online shopper. I remember the days where it was assumed that you would get a better price online than if you just showed up on a car lot. The majority of dealers have move to matching their showroom price with an online price and I think customers are accustom to that by now as well. I'm wondering how it may evolve from here or if it should be replaced with something better? I'm curious on how dealers handle these leads and any feedback on how well they perform? Why or why not are they good leads and what could make them better?
Steve Tuschen
We are a one price store so our online price matches our lot price, I have suggested we make it a call to action with a buy it now button, which was talked about in another forum. It would be interesting to see what that would do for a customer.
Russ Chandler
Thanks for the feedback @Steve and @Chris. I can understand a dealer incentivizing someone to submit a lead in return for a coupon/discount. I can't speak to the quality of lead that would generate alone but I get strategy. I can also understand dealers promoting it as a major call to action around the price if it successfully captures a high volume of leads. It just seems like there is a lot that could be done with this type of call to action so that the quality of lead and consumer experience leads to a showroom visit or sale more often. Most of the time its just a quick form (name, phone, email) which I understand feels right for the best conversion since its quick and easy. However, if I can't even clearly understand why I would do it or what to expect to happen next, than I assume consumers don't know either. Which what made me curious about how dealers respond to these type of leads and with what level of success.
Jason Stum
@Chris that technology exists....just not for car dealers (yet). That's exactly how Amazon put Diapers.com out of business. Also in my experience, when the customer came in with their ePrice all that did was lower the starting point of their negotiations.
Russ Chandler
Thanks @Jason and good point. Giving an immediate static discount of $200 across all your inventory seems unnecessary. Even without offering the price, it feels like you would be immediately insinuating you have a better price. @Jason- I know you just left your dealership but did you utilize a better strategy than this or replace this type of lead generator with something completely different?
Clint Jones
I guess I am not sure what you are asking or fishing for @Russ. The strategy is simple, get the customer contact information. What do we do with that...we call the customer, or email, or text, or whatever means of making customer contact. The quality of that lead is no different than any other CTA lead submissions. Some are good, and some don't answer. By submitting the "e-price" lead submission, the customer is basically saying that they like the car but want to pay less. We did a Craigslist campaign a couple years ago, in which the shopper HAD to give us their contact information to see the price. Not the "e-price" or discounted price...to see any price. That campaign was a total waste of time. Hundreds and hundreds of shoppers, and no sales. Personally, I think the whole "quick discount" is kind of lame. Now, if I could design a quick lead form, I would have a platform set up so that the "e-price" would be sent as a text message to the customer's cell phone. Opt in covered, and we get a legitimate number that we can then market to.

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