Get More Traction with Craigslist Ads

Moe Bakhtiari

Craigslist may not be flashy or new any longer, but it remains a top online shopping destination—and one that auto dealers cannot afford to ignore.


Amanda Gordon

Do you find dealers to have the same results as private party?

Moe Bakhtiari


I think most shoppers are looking for a vehicle that aligns with desire and price - There will always be a small % that is adamant about buying from a private party but there is also a small % adamant about buying exclusively from dealerships so this, for the most part, washes each out.

Ultimately if the posts are solidly crafted (smart post technology) and the dealer has a good local reputation one will find great results by way of craigslist.

Happy Selling!


John Colascione


I listen to phone calls from our participating dealers craigslist ads daily and I must have heard that question "Are you a dealer?" 1,000 times. I can tell you that I have never once heard the call end or change directions after that question has been answered as 'Yes'. I've also never even heard a change in the callers demeanor or interest either. Once someone has fallen in love with a particular vehicle and begin reaching out about it, its more a position of curiosity then a deal-breaker at that point. Again, never heard a call change course after that question was answered.

Moe Bakhtiari

John that makes a lot of sense!

Thaks for sharing.

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