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Drew Bettiol

Howdy, all! So my stores have been with for about 45 days and results have been about 2% sold to lead ratio. How can we perform better on this site? Right now we have no sellers notes on the vehicles and that could be an issue. 

Chris K Leslie

As much as they say sellers notes make a difference. I haven't found they make a lick of difference. 

Drew Bettiol

Really Chris? It is so much easier said than to go through and add sellers notes. They said sellers notes will be free SEO for the sites. I just do not know what the best way to rank higher on would be besides just decreasing the price of our vehicles.

Derrick Woolfson

I was never a fan of - their lead cost always averaged $54 - $60 / or $254 - $300 per car sold. I believe after they re-designed their website (totally forgetting the desk-top experience) the quality of leads dropped. Not to mention, it irked me that they allowed "con-questing" on your Dealers VDP's. Considering that their pre-owned lead service costs as much as $2,800+ why would a dealer want their competition displayed on the VDP?! We took a 1/4 of the money we spent with and spent more on AdWords. The results were awesome. And much, much less expensive. 

Drew Bettiol



Amanda Gordon

Im with the guys, Cars.Com yielded butkiss for us. 

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