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Steve Devereaux
I created a facebook page for our dealership and now I'm at the point were I'm trying to promote it and get as many fans as posable. I did a few things to promote it so far. The first thing I tried was the facebook ads. I spent about $3 (5 clicks, 30,000 impressions). Then, my cost per click when from about 50 cents to $2-3. So I decided to go another route. The next thing I did was have a couple of my friends suggest it to all their friends. I would guess about 1800 people were invited. This was two days ago and we gained a whopping 2 fans. Today I added a link in the navigation bar of our website so that everyone sees the facebook link if they go to our website. So I'm up to 13 fans now, half of which are other car dealerships. The dealership down the road started their facebook site in April and they have over 1000 fans already. I have no idea how they got that many fans. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen dealerships with 20 fans and I've seen them with 2000+ fans. I believe if you're going to do something, go all out with it. How do you get that many fans?
Eric Miltsch
Steve, I've always felt these type of "connections" should be built organically - not bought. Let's say you paid $1/fan & got 1000 fans. What's your plan to monetize those fans and create a positive ROI? What's your plan to monitor the FB activity to ensure its tracked? (and that's assuming you have a plan for activity as well) Plus, what if they "un-friend" Dollar gone. What if another dealer clicks your ad? Dollar gone.) I'd rather put that $1000 in a PPC campaign or anything else that may help improve qualified traffic to the site. Not saying it can't work - I know dealers who paid for fans, but they also have a great plan in place to connect, engage and listen to those fans.
Gary May
Boy, straight to the point and great stuff. Before any other vendors "pitch" you on how they can. let's look at your questions. 1. The place you get the most Facebook fans is at the dealership. Period. Try the service drive, there's usually the greatest amount of customers there. 2. Make sure that as much of your content and collateral contains at least logos, if not links, to your networks. People are aware of what that means now days. Make sure every employee's signature block on emails contains the links if possible. Some CRMs and other software may have issues with that so at least have the logos. 3. Engage with content and ask for involvement!! Most dealers post without ever asking their fans to do anything like upload pictures, stories, their favorite links and more. Remember this is social media, be social. 4. Use promotions, giveaways and other freebies to invite others as well as asking existing fans. People are always understandably looking for "what's in it for me". So do that without giving away the farm. 5. Measure. Look at your activity analytics. Esoecially if you're going to use Facebook advertising. COmpre past results to present. See where your weaknesses are. And by the way, if you've set up a dealership as a 'friend' psge and not as a fan page, which thousands of dealerships have done, you can't get analytics and you may be simply kicked out of Facebook without warning. We've been posting about that for over a year. That should be enough to build a real following but don't forget process. It must be part of the what everyone does at the dealership. So now look at what, in our opinion, you shouldn't do. Don't start with some arbitrary number of how many fans you should have. Focus on your customers and public and they'll focus on you. We've had clients look at another dealer and say they should have as many fans. That doesn't work. Stay away from automation, feeds, APIs and the like. It's not social, people don't like it and it sucks. Inventory shouldn't be on your wall unless it's some really unbelievable car that is rare, unique, etc. Try not to brag, self promote or insult/condemn others in the area. Remove content that is inappropriate as quickly as you can. Don't "tag" customers/fans as that identifying them directly to the public: first name, last name, location and the fact that they are buying cars from you. Leave that to their friends. There is a place for most everything within the Facebook/social media landscape if done correctly. Use video, fan other pages, become as involved in Facebook as you are in the area with charities and other involvements. Some closing tips, do use syndication to power content. Your blog can feed to Facebook, and Twitter in one swoop. Be smart about your time, efforts, content and purpose. Listen to your community. Reply, be genuine and try to be original. Hopefully that helps...and one more time. Stop worrying about how many fans you have and concentrate on what you want done with being in social. Get outside assistance if you need it. There's some great people willing... Gary May IM@CS
Steve Devereaux
Thanks for all the advice. It'll definitely come in useful! UPDATE: My friends only invited 124 people instead of my original estimate of 1800. This method is much more effective than I originally thought. Thanks!
Steve, in case you are using a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter format to connect to your existing customers, I would encourage you to embed the Facebook widget into your newsletter design. Create in this format a promotion "LIKE us on our new Facebook, and participate for our monthly drawing for "XYZ". Each new Facebook Follower has on the end of the year the chance to win a "5 days ....." or "$500 Gift Card"... - you know what I mean. People are tending mre encouraged when soemthing is in for them, whatever it will be. Gary and Eric did already give you some more very valuable tips and I am sure you will retain easily the numbers you are shooting for. Good Luck. VJ
Julie Powers
Gary & VJ- You both mentioned doing giveaways and promtotions to gain fans/people who "like" your page. Our dealership recently sponsored a charity concert and I was given tickets to give away to customers. I had orginally planned to do this on Facebook, but was informed that- as a company that does not pay for advertising on FB- we are not legally allowed to- whether this is enforced or not, I don't know. Appparently FB will only grant permission to eligible advertisers who have entered into a direct sales partnership with FB. These partnerships require a minimum monthly spend of $30,000. Their guidelines on this are here:

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