Getting more out of Google Analytics?

Alec Winters
Hey everyone,

Long story short; I’m fairly new to this and I’ve been tasked to help setup the online side of the used car department for a new store. Obviously with Google Analytics, I can get high level information about website traffic. But I’d like to dig a bit deeper into the vehicles themselves. For example, I’d like to know things like:  - Break down website traffic by body type. (Or other arbitrary grouping). For example, what percentage of my total VDP traffic is trucks? Or maybe 4x4 trucks? Or whatever way I want to filter my inventory. Ditto for other things like time on VDP, etc.  - Show a heat map of where visitors come from, but again, for either specific vehicles or body type, or other arbitrary grouping of vehicles. So since I’m fairly new to the game, and I admit I’m too much of a data-nerd, I’d like the get the input from the experienced experts here. 1. Is this data even useful? To me, it would be interesting to see if specific vehicle types are getting a significant chunk of our traffic. Ie, if our inventory is 30% SUV, but SUVs only get 5% of our traffic, that seems like it would be useful in stocking decisions. Also helpful in pricing decisions. Likewise for drilling into other attributes of vehicles. Do 4x4 trucks get a significant boost? Are there colors that people spend more time on the website looking at? Knowing visitors locations could be useful for effective targeting for specific vehicle types. Or am I just nerding out over data that doesn’t really drive useful decisions? 2. Are there tools out there that do this? I know I can get Google Analytics to work with most website vendors, and I can get do some fancy regular expressions to get a look at new versus used, but I need to drill into specific vehicles. I've seen String Automotive, which is very, very cool but it still doesn't seem to drill into vehicle specifics. I really appreciate any input, advice or opinion anyone has!
John Sevier
Alec, Welcome and I'm just like you, a Data-Nerd. Google Analytics is like a Data-Nerd's wet dream, but it can be a little to much of a time sink if you dive in to far. What I would suggest is to look into a system like vAuto. We use it and I couldn't be happier. It gives you information on vehicles like SRP, VDP, etc (on your website, autotrader,, and more). There is a ton more that it does for you, but that was to answer your question. Also most website providers like, offer analytics of their own for you. What provider do you use? Lastly YES, this information is extremely useful. By measuring VDPs on your vehicles you can accurately gauge interest on it, and it can help your Used Car Managers hold on price if they know they have a lot of people interested on it.
Bill Simmons
Alec, welcome to Driving sales. I second John's advice. You can get this info out of GA but it would be a time consuming task to setup. Inventory tools that are available today from many vendors will give you the info you are looking for.
Robert Karbaum
I would suggest going through the Google Analytics Academy. I've done all the courses to date, and I always learn something new.
Grant Gooley
CRAZY EGG! It's a fantastic tool to follow referral clicks and click thrus. Understanding the way a customer behaves on your site is key to designing a better UX.
mark rask
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