Gif’s in emails

Chris K Leslie

How many of you guys use Gif’s in your emails or texts with customers? 

Derrick Woolfson

It's interesting you bring this up! We have been getting a lot lately from customers that are inquiring, as well as from certain vendors. I was skeptical to reply with them (as I wondered if it was not professional), but it can in many instances reduce any tension, and build rapport -  but where do you cross the line? 

John Goll

@Derrick I think it's the sales persons job to mirror their customer. So when do you use it and when do you not? Simple, if the customer initiates the GIF sending, then you should reciprocate. By no means should you hold the entire conversation via GIFs but as you mentioned, it eases the tension and humanizes the sales person. 

Bart Wilson

I think you can use the same rules as emojis.  If your customers use them, then you can use them.

Do you think there is another use for them?  for example, if a gif with a little movement of a walkaround would get higher clickthroughs?

John Goll

Gifs are normally low-quality so I would not recommend them as a walk-around. However, I think a good personalization after the sale is making a gif out of their reaction at delivery of the vehicle and sending it in your post-sales follow up thank you. I think it really adds personalization, and shows the customer they weren't just "another sale". Heck, the customer may even end up sharing the personal GIF of them and thus spreading your dealership through word-of-mouth which we know is incredibly valuable.

Chris Travis

I don't think I've ever seen a gif come up in my 5 years, I did joke about sending one before but haven't. Also unsure if the customers device will see it.

Now I did reply with a meme once for a Ford dealership. The kid was looking at a Camaro at another dealership and said he would come in after that Saturday because it was closer. It was one I randomly seen on Facebook and remembered so I searched and found it and sent it to him. It said "when you pay 50k just to see this view" and showed a Chevy at the top and the back end of a GT at the bottom. He came to us first, sadly he did not qualify. I got a few other car memes saved to my phone but never felt the opportunity to use them, more of a hail mary.

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