GM Dealers - Lead Contact Timing

Shawn Ryder
This may have been asked before.. but can somebody give me an overview of the requirements from GM for contact leads once they have been submitted. I have heard there is a set time and recently heard they are getting rid of the requirement - anybody have any clear insight?
Lauren Moses
I know that they track our response time. They like it to be within an hour since that is when you have the best results. As for them having it a requirement I'm not sure. I do know that our service department manager would get emails about his response time but he also didn't carry around the cell phone to stop the clock on them all the time. So I added service to my profile and switch them over for him and he just emails when he gets to his desk the next time. Haven't heard anything about them getting rid of the requirement. But either way, if it comes in after 9, it's just gunna have to wait. I have a life outside the store and that is NOT my number 1 priority.
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for the feedback Lauren! When you mention the service aspect - find it very interesting. Is that in terms of a general contact that is sent from the web site or other resource?
Lauren Moses
No problem. It can come from GM's website or our website with customers requesting appointments, it also comes from OnStar for customers that have OnStar connected. Their vehicle registers that it needs oil change, has a recall, etc, and automatically notifies us.
Chris K Leslie
Shawn, it depends on if you are getting shopped or not I think. Dealer Socket stops the "clock" when the "new web lead" has been completed. That doesn't always mean that something of value had been sent. it just means someone basically hit the stop button. Lauren is correct on the 1 hour thing.
Shawn Ryder
When the lead comes in through Dealer Socket - it sends a "thanks for contacting us" type email? does that officially stop the clock? Shawn

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