Tyson Gamblin
Who is changing your CATEGORIES on Google Places?
Tyson Gamblin
If you are a GM Dealer you need to check your categories on your Google Places account ASAP as we all have something in common... Auto Repair Shop, Retail Stores - Automobiles, Retail Stores - Automobile Parts & Supplies, Automotive, Services - Automobile Repair, Retail Stores - Automobiles - New, Automobile Dealers, Retail Stores - Automobiles - Used, Auto Repair Does that look familiar? Now I personally have not set my account ever to be like this and there are some rumblings going around that many dealers are like me. Who is changing all our categories to the same thing?
Tim Nester
I have a meeting about this... any tips??
Tyson Gamblin
The rumor right now is that Cobalt has gone in and changed a lot of dealers Google Places account without the dealers knowledge or authority. For instance my Google Places categories in my back end do not reflect what is showing up on my Google Places to the public. I am not pointing fingers yet, but it looks like Cobalt has gone and messed with a lot of dealers Google Places. I am just trying to build a case that reflects my findings. I am hoping that GM dealers are not going through what I am going through, but I have a feeling they are. (We just lost 198 reviews due to tampering with my places page) So I am on a hunt to figure out what is going on.
VJ VJ you know me...If I were still in the dealership and thought someone was messing with my Google Places page I would have been up the roof, so I understand the concerns of dealers on this string. We have done some high-priority research on the issues raised and can report on what we found. From the get-go and I want to make this point here really clear: Cobalt is 100% clear that YOU own your Google Places page. Cobalt does not have access to any claimed business page at anytime. As we know Google started early this year on enhancements and updates to their Google Places platform. Since these changes the Google forums in multiple verticals have been exploding with comments from businesses experiencing the same issues the dealers on this string are experiencing. What may be confusing is that during the same time period Cobalt introduced GM’s iMR Listings program. The program was designed to support these dealers who had NOT claimed their listings to make sure they got the traffic coming to Google Places and nearly 100 other directory sites. GM dealers were informed of the program in advance and can opt-out at any time, or just claim their Google Places page. The program only applies to UNCLAIMED directory listings. The program is a great success for dealerships who hadn’t claimed their sites with a significant increase in their phone and web traffic. We want to emphasize the occurrences like disappearing Google reviews, access denied to your Google place page and rearrangement of Google’s business categories is related to Google’s platform changes and not with Cobalt. Google has been responsive to fixing issues we have been aware of. If dealers aren’t getting a timely response from Google they can contact their advocate and we will work to escalate their solution with Google. VJ
Tyson Gamblin
Thanks VJ for your input. We lost a 198 reviews and we have built a lot of our marketing around this and to have it gone is going to hurt our business. I guess I just have to keep on waiting for my reviews to come back.

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