Google Analytics Certified

Drew Bettiol

Hello All,

So I just became Google Analytics certified and want to find a way to monetize it for my dealership. So far it has helped me track traffic and PPC campaigns but I feel like there's more I can do with it to be an asset to the company. Any Ideas?

James  Klement

Congrats! This is a very deep topic, feel free to reach out to hear about how we do must be like a ninja!!

Drew Bettiol

Thank you James! I will reach out to you! I am like a ninja trying to succeed behind the scenes

James  Klement

That's what Ninja's do! Look forward to a discussion!!


Chris K

Have you downloaded the Google my business app yet and ramped up your Google post for Google search and Google maps? It's free and one of my biggest lead sources right now. We're killing it with Google posts. it includes a basic version of analytics that shows you how many people from Google maps called your business ask for directions have seen your website and you get all the analytics on how many people have actually seen your post which are highly targeted free Google ads that get the best positioning on the internet. And it is 100% free.

Chris K Leslie

I would keep going and get the other google certifications as well. 

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