Google BERT

Bart Wilson

How do you feel BERT will impact your search marketing?

Dustin Schuler

From an SEO perspective, I think this will help us rank higher in the SERPs. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing pages to rank or white on white text and such. All of your SEO content should sound conversational anyway, so I see it helping SEOs rank for more keywords with less content. 

Brody Dezember

I agree Dustin.  Over the past two years we have been adjusting the way we write copy on the site.  We have been removing all of the keyword stuffing paragraphs and making the pages much more conversational or real word vocab.  We have also been adding a lot more schema or structured markup.  Over the past 3 months I have seen increases in organic traffic on almost every store I manage.  There are still a few that need a lot more work.

Carl Maeda

What's important to note about BERT is it doesn't change the search results (at least not yet).  Its' a change on google's end to better understand the intent of the search query.  This is especially important for voice searches, which tend to be more sentence-like.

I do think Google will eventually use BERT to help understand the content on a web page.

We've started testing a few different strategies to optimize for BERT.  For example, on the SEO-side, we are about to test writing vehicle and dealer content using different intents such as writing 3 articles for the Nissan Rogue, one for research (focused on features and selling points), one for comparisons(versus) and one for inventory/price. (how much, in-stock, etc).

On the paid search side, we already separate ads by intent but this is something you may want to have your paid search company do as well.

Bart Wilson

Google is getting better at identifying good content.  I love the idea of articles based on intent.  Too much consumer research is taking place off of a dealership site.  

Carl Maeda

I agree.  We want to try to get the user's attention even during the research stage so they can learn about the dealer's why-buy and brand the dealership.

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