Google Business View - Thoughts?

Andrew Metcalf
Hi all, curious who here has used google business view and your thoughts on usefulness. I've seen a few dealers take advantage of this and implement it pretty creatively to show off their virtual showroom. It seems the code is embeddable so you can place this where ever you need, on top of showing it off in google maps. Looking to gather feedback around this. Has anyone used this for their store? Thanks,
Jason Stum
Hey Andrew, about two years ago we started working with a local Google Trusted Photographer to capture virtual tours (aka business views) of most our locations. While I feel the virtual tours bring an added layer of sizzle to our online presence, the Google doesn't keep any stats on how often your business view is accessed or engaged with. That being said, with the relative low cost of putting a virtual tour together for the added boost of professionalism it gives your dealership, I think it's well worth it. If anyone is going to shoot a business view, l suggest you get creative with it. Work with your trusted photographer to make sure you're capturing all public areas of your dealership. Here's an example of one we did where you can pretty much go anywhere with the exception of the restrooms. Check it out.
Bill Simmons
Very nice Jason! I want that El Camino and Cadillac neon sign.
Chris K Leslie
I thought it would be fun to embed them on the bottom of our sites.
Jason Stum
Thanks for checking it out @Bill! Maybe it would be a fun idea to add a social gamification element to it...guess the year of the El Camino in our showroom and you could win a prize...might be on to something there :)
Andrew Metcalf
Wow these examples are fantastic! Jason or Chris, do you know if these can be updated seasonally or is it 1 time 1 shot? I've seen dealers use the main shot as another banner type placement ad - IE Promoting holiday sales or even text lists, do you think this could have any leg? Especially with it being featured on the google serps? Thanks for sharing!

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