Google Data Studio?

Derrick Woolfson

One of the Best Idea Contests at DSES this year was to use Google Data Studio - the idea that you can effectively 'join' together all marketing data (including most of your third-party lead sources) into one cohesive report. Sounds magical, right? 

While I am not sure I would want Google to have all of our third parties' data, I must admit it gives you the flexibility to create a relevant report that is much easier to read as you are easily able to create titles/descriptions. 

For example - I can add the below data points into my own report combining multiple rooftops AdWord's campaigns vs. printing several reports.  

Click through Rate | Total Phone Calls | Total Conversions 

And honestly, the above was much easier to compile using Google Data Studio. 

Anyone else use Google Data Studio or have thoughts about it?

Martins Ville

Nobody knows data better, or how to better extrapolate all that data and make sense of it all better than Google. I'd jump in with both legs Derrick! I think Google offers dealers everything they need, for less than anyone else can offer as well.

Derrick Woolfson

@Martins, very true - I do like being able to have all data points in one place, makes it much easier when preparing for our monthly calls w/ Vendors. And no longer using just their 'data' on the calls. Sad, but you have to keep them honest, not all, BUT some. 

Bart Wilson

Rapier can help you capture data in a lot of cases if you can't import it directly to Google through API.

Bart Wilson

Apologies.  I meant Zapier.

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I will have to check that out - we used your data portal, I need to contact you about that for us now! I miss it very much! It was simple to understand, BUT provided invaluable data. Not all data is created equal, and as we know - it is *critical* to have the "best" data possible when it comes to making decisions. 

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