Google Display Ads - Worth it?

Lorie Guillemet

Just wanting to see what the general feel on Google Display ads were for others out there. 

We have used Display for Brand Awareness ads, Incentive specific ads and VDP specific ads. Switching up creative on a monthly basis and keeping them fresh. Although we had a good amount of traffic on these ads the bounce rate was crazy - staying consitantly around 90%. We decided to end them recently and put our spend somewhere else but, I just want to see if anyone is seeing success from them and maybe we are just going about it all wrong. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Adam Shiflett

Looking across the industry your experience is very consistant. Display can be frustrating and usually drives traffic, but not engaged traffic. My recommendation is to get everything else in your marketing world optimized before you move into display. Display should be viewed as an awareness approach more than a conversion approach. In fact an interesting trend I've see is that cutting display will indirectly affect your organic searches. Why? Because often what happens is that people see your ad on a site and will search in the search bar... I've never proved this, but I've seen these two situations happen so often that there is a certain amount of corolation. stf

Jason Stum

Hi Lorie, to echo Adam's point, display is about brand awareness and staying top of mind with your consumer. CTR is a going to be low and bounce rate will be high. I know 90% sounds crazy for BR, but for display it's about the norm.

That being said, as Google continues to roll out its Store Visit Conversion metric you'll soon be able to track how many customers physcially walk into your dealership who interacted with your paid search ad, or was served your display ad (this feature is currently only available to select Google Partners). How cool is that?!



Joshua Schneiderman

Display advertising is a high funnel medium. It can be tough to compare traffic from display ads to search traffic becuase the intent behind the click is different. Consider this: a search ad is seen when someone already knows they need something in particular. That's an awesome opportunity, but the supply of clicks has a ceiling - the amount of searches involving your keywords within your targeted area. While I generally advocate your first digital advertising dollars go toward search, as you work your way into higher funnel media, display ads can be effective. You will see lower engagement on the display network for the above reasons, but compare it to a radio spot, a cable buy or a billboard, and you'll see why that's a less informative set of metrics. The search lift (and hopefully revenue lift) that follows a well targeted display ad with a pertinent message and smart creative is the test. 

Chris K Leslie

Display is great if you can buy lots for really cheap. Also, great for retargetting. Results aren't going to come in clicks though. Results will live in how low you can get that CPM.

mark rask

Chris is correct....display needs to be cheap but it is a great way to brand your dealership

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