Google My Business Post Tips?

Drew Bettiol

Hello All,

What are some wise practices to use when posting a vehicle on GMB? I have been trying to test different Ad copy month to month with changing up the verbiage but I am still seeing about 1 or 2 clicks but about 100+ views per post. How can I increase conversions on organic platforms such as this? My call to action buttons have been "Learn More"

Jeswanth  Kumar

I have listed my Pageacademy site which is the Junior college in Hyderabad, has seen huge difference in leads after adding Google my business 

John Goll

Drew i'm curious of how long you've been posting on GMB and if your results have been trending pos/neg?

We post on GMB for some of our clients monthly but at this point we understand it's just a box they want checked whether it brings in leads or not.

Out of 40,000 web visitors, we get maybe 3,000 to click through from GMB and maybe only 30 that click through from a post. This is also partly due to Google dropping the post section well below the fold and seems like they've almost just stashed it away. 

I guess to make a long story short, if the numbers aren't there is it even worth trying to pursue?

But hey, doesn't hurt to post right?

Drew Bettiol

John, I do feel like it is more work to make the posts than the results I am getting. I had 609 views on my Dodge Store's Page and it says not enough data so there must have been no clicks at all. I hate that the bury it. Everything seems like it should just be paid for if you want success.

Mark Rask

The traffic from our gmb page is amazing

Dane Saville

I wouldn't put too much stress on Posts other than to make consistent updates. If you use GMB Post for new inventory and various specials (don't forget the Service Department), you should have a pretty good cadence. If you consider that Google accounts for "freshness" in organic SERPs, then it's a fairly educated assumption that freshness of content on GMB plays some sort of role. 

Do you have your GMB properly set up? A separate listing for your various departments, categories chosen, operational days and hours, images categorized, et cetera? 

Keep in mind that this is essentially your new "homepage" in a lot of cases. Make sure your citations and everything are updated and align with other directories.

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