Google Posts For Dealerships: 5 Best Practices For Connecting With More Local Customers This Week

Andrew James

Have you heard of Google Posts?

There are a lot of advantages for dealerships to make sure their Google My Business profiles are up-to-date, but one particular feature that's now available to all small businesses is the ability to post directly on Google.

Google Posts will allow your dealership to publish information about events, services and products directly into Google Search and Google Maps.

According to Google, you can use images, videos and animated GIFs to connect with your audience, and even add links to direct visitors to specific pages on your website.

Here are 5 best practices for getting started with Google Posts:

1. Make sure your business is claimed and verified in Google My Business. To see whether your dealership is verified, go to and enter your business name. If your business is claimed and verified, you're good to go. Just make sure someone at your dealership has access to the company's Google My Business account. If the dealership is not claimed, follow these instructions.

2. Write posts that connect potential customers with sales, promotions or specific events at your dealership. Google Posts should be an extension of your overall marketing strategy, so make sure to integrate the content you produce is targeted for a specific outcome.

3. Share these Google Posts on other social channels. Each post has a unique URL, so you can link to it from your website's blog, and share the content from your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

4. Use images that are 750 px X 750 px. According to, anything less than 250X250 won't be accepted.

5. Posts expire after 7 days, so make sure content is fresh and relevant. You can also add call-to-action buttons including "Sign up," "Learn more" and "Get offer" among others.

Are you going to try out Google Posts? Share your experience below. If you've already tested it out, let us know your best practices!

Chris K Leslie

These are perfect places to post those OEM offer ads and link directly to the search pages. Well at least thats what I use them for. 

Amanda Gordon

Loving this info Andrew! Thank you

Mike Cartwright

This is really helpful, Andrew. Thank you for sharing the video too. Connecting with more local customers is always one of our priorities so I'd love to share this with interested colleagues.

Moe Bakhtiari

Great Share!

Thanks for pointing these fundamentals out - Many seem to let these simple yet important details slip through the cracks.

Happy Selling !

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