Grading Your Dealership's Social Media Presence

Chelsea K
Many dealerships have begun to see the value in Social Marketing with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. While Social Networking is extremely beneficial for dealerships, you can’t expect to sell a car overnight using Facebook. So, how do dealerships know if the time and effort they put into social networking is actually working? Well, I’ve decided to let you in on some ways we track the progress of our clients’ Social Media presence! YouTube: So, you’ve posted some videos of your inventory, maybe a few of your TV commercials, service procedures, and so on, but who knows if it’s actually worth your time? And, how can you do better? Well, here are a few ways you can track the progress of your YouTube and other video sharing network’s accounts. First and most obviously, you can check the number of views each video receives on your account. Assess which ones get the most views and then spend your time making more videos like those! Also, look at any comments you receive which are another great source for feedback. Check out how often your videos are being uploaded and published. You want to be consistent so that when visitors do come across your YouTube page, they see relevant, up to date information. If you tag your videos in YouTube with specific keywords, you can also check to see how YouTube and other video sites are helping your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Type in one of these keywords into a Google Search and your video should populate close to the top if it is recent and relevant! Finally, use tracking numbers in a banner in each of your videos and post a link to your website in the information below the video as well. Then, you’ll be able to directly track the number of calls and visits your videos receive! Twitter: Many dealerships are even more skeptical about the power of Twitter, because there’s no analytical way to see whether or not it’s working. But, there are ways to grade your dealerships’ presence on Twitter! Consistency is another key measurement tool for Twitter. You want to make sure that your dealership communicates via Twitter each weekday at least 4 or 5 times. That may seem like a lot, but thanks to Twitter applications like HootSuite, you can get even more exposure on Twitter every day of the week any time of the day by spending only 30 minutes or so in the morning. Our favorite application at Potratz is HootSuite. HootSuite allows your dealership to schedule what time your tweets will be sent throughout the day. Therefore, you can essentially set up an entire day’s worth of Tweets in the morning. HootSuite also tracks the number of clicks you get each day. Try to be consistent with the number of clicks you get and aim for more! You can even check out the most popular links that were clicked the number time and see what kinds of information your followers were really interested in. The number of followers you have is also a great way of judging how you’re doing. Try coming up with some Twitter promotions to gain even more followers! Facebook: The easiest social media network to grade yourself with is probably Facebook. As an administrator of your dealership’s page, Facebook automatically tells you how you’re doing! Not only are you able to track how many fans you have on your dealership’s page, but you should also check the consistency of your posts as with Twitter and YouTube. Facebook also has a tool that automatically grades the administrators of the dealership’s page. This tool shows you your post quality and your number of interactions. The interaction score simply states how many times you have interacted with fans that week. The post quality represents how compelling your content is to the fans of your dealership’s page. With a grade anywhere from 0 to 5, the score reflects how many fans interacted with the material by commenting, liking, or writing on the dealership’s wall. When they do these things, the content linked to your dealership is sent to all of their friends’ walls, so this is a great way to measure the effect you’re having with Facebook. This score is calculated by the percentage of your dealership’s fans that reply when you post something on your page over the course of a week. Then that percentage is compared to similar pages with a similar number of fans to give you your post quality score. Facbeook recently added an insights page and weekly newsletter to administrators of business pages. You are actually able to view the demographic of your visitors, how many page visits you received, and the changes in number of fans over the course of each week. These tools are another great (and easy) way to grade your dealership’s social media presence! If you have any questions about how you can make Social Media work for your dealership, please contact Chelsea Karbocus at 518.227.0911 or
Steve Devereaux
Do you offer services to manage social media sites or know anyone who does? How much is it?
Glenn Pasch
Steve, PCG Digital Marketing can help you with this. Contact Brian Pasch. He is a member of Driving Sales Community.

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