Green pea/rookie looking to gather more leads

Matt Lowery
There are a ton of lead providers out there, you need to ask more specific questions. There are new car leads, used car leads, bad credit leads. I prefer trying to gain more leads organically without the use of third party sites... but there are many out there if you can lay out what you are looking for.
Tommy Bay
Welcome to the community, Alejandro! You might also check out the Vendor Ratings section of this website (orange tab above ^^) to see reviews of lead providers. There's a category called "New Car Leads" that might be worth looking at.
Jay Lynch
I suspect you will get a number of recommendations on a variety of 3rd party websites... Having said that, I would add that the best quality leads come from your dealership website. As part of your quest for leads explore how you can mazimize your dealerships online footprint and increase conversions.
Tim Elliott
Alejandro , So I'm always curious. Have you decided to make the auto biz your career? How old are you? What did you do before? .........How would you define a "lead" ....a lot up ? phone call? ? text ? ... I have had a wonderful career selling cars. I'm a Dealers son and Grandson. I love people and cars. .....but the car biz has changed more in the last 8-10 years then at any other time in it's history. The sales role has change due to the shift in consumer shopping behavior. 80% of the buying decisions are made before the consumer calls, emails or stops on the lot. In a sales role at a Dealership there is only two ways to acquire leads. Repeat and referral biz, or Leads generated by the marketing of your Dealership. Where does your Dealer spend his marketing dollars ? What % is traditional ( Print, Radio, TV) verses internet. This answer to this last question will tell me a lot and may be the key to you finding what you seek. Elliott - I am Human
Mark Dubis
Generating leads is all about smart prospecting and building your personal brand. One of the trainers who has helped many sales people is Fran Taylor and he offers an inexpensive sales guide to help auto sales people. is his website. Good luck to you and welcome to the wonderful world of auto retailing.

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