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Chris K Leslie

For guys out there with multiple rooftops. Do you try and drive more traffic to your group sites over individuals?

Derrick Woolfson

This is something we have struggled with, Chris! I think it is important to have a group site; however, I offer it is more important to drive traffic to individual sites. We have toyed around with the idea of adding SRP banners with, not finding what you're looking for? Check out [group site] - especially for pre-owned. But not all GM's are on board with this even though it would give them so much more exposure for their units. 

Carl Maeda

Most of our dealer group clients drive traffic to the individual dealer sites and use their group site to rank #2 in organic for those dealer sites.  Used cars are a different story, most try to drive used car traffic to their group site and use the dealer site for brand specific used car searches.

Victoria Dillabough

For us it's individual. But we do have a group site

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