Handraiser leads

Linda Loepker
Yikes. I don't even know how to begin to follow up with them. Most of them have bad email addresses. Some have a phone number - but I don't know WHEN they will be or if they ARE in the market for a vehicle. How do you open a dialogue with them?
Linda Loepker
For instance, this one is an "Ally opportunities manifest" lead. His a current customer with $11K in equity. Finance contract ends in March of 2015. Email address is bad. Do I just call him out of the blue?
Lauren Moses
Linda, Don't worry too much. Your not the only one with issues like this. I am terrible about should I just call them, email, send a letter, etc. If you do call maybe start with something simple like "Hi my name is Linda and I'm with (insert dealership). I have a quick question about your (insert vehicle). Do you have just a minute?" Always ask if they have time to talk. After they agree then let them know that you received a message from GM, etc that they have such amount in equity and that their contract runs up in March. Then proceed to ask them if they are interested or have thought about trading it in and upgrading? Maybe they don't need all the space and can down grade in size? Ask questions and get them talking too so it's not just a one sided conversation with you asking all the questions and getting one word responses back. Then try to get them to settle on an appointment time to come in so you can do an appraisal and make sure that the equity amount is correct. Then you make sure to have a few vehicles parked out front for them to look at based on what they told you they might be interested in.
Sean Welsh
Linda When working a lead where you know their equity it must be all about acquiring their trade and not selling them a car. Two reasons. First acquiring trade or out right sale is great for your used car inventory. Second is the fact that if we acquire their trade they will by default in most cases need to buy something else. Call first and gauge reaction to the great news that if they still have their 2010 Tahoe that auction and trade values have never been higher etc.Then follow up by email with the same message and verbiage as your voicemail. Then follow up every 20 days by email and phone till they buy or tell you to stop.. Its about the long game if they don't outright turn you down in the first contact which happens more often then not so don't take it personally and keep trying with the next customer. Side note I know this is your first time at #DSES14 so please stop by start up alley and say hi as we are 1st timers ourselves and would love to hear how its going. Thanks for the post Sean
mark rask
They are the toughest lead to handle
Dennis Wagner
They are great, but take some practice. I agree with Lauren and Sean.

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