Has TrueCar Shown Their TrueColors?

Mark Dubis
AutoNation announced it would no longer be using the TrueCar services at 226 of its dealerships. The primary reason was the onerous demand for access to all the data on AutoNation customers whether they were TrueCar customers or not. The artful Scott Painter, CEO of TrueCar, quoted in a news article about the split showed how he really feels about auto dealers. “Our partnership with AutoNation just turned into, in a very real sense, a choice for the consumer,” TrueCar founder and CEO Scott Painter told Automotive News. “It really makes them our competition.” He continued, “Consumers who want “truth, transparency, an up-front price” will do business with TrueCar, he said, while those who want to buy cars in a traditional manner will go to AutoNation.” Essentially, I read his comments to say that all dealers not on TrueCar are deceptive, do not value their customers, and are competitors to TrueCar. If you are using TrueCar at your dealership how does this make you feel?
James Altemus
Mark, I see his comments as no different from anyone else fighting tooth and nail to keep their business afloat. We've never used TrueCar, but we have people bring in their price guarantees on occasion. We also did briefly use a similar product from another lead provider, and what I observed was that the dealer that the transparent dealer that provides an up front price isn't rewarded with the sale (we never got a local lead, nor did we ever sell a car to one of these leads).
Tony Wood
As James said, Scott is just trying to drive consumers to his product regardless of the effect on his competition. IMO, that sounds like any dealership in business. They're doing everything they can to earn the consumers business, and I assure you they don't care what the dealer down the street thinks about it. We use TrueCar because it drives business for us. If it didn't, we wouldn't use it. A lot of times we have the experience that James had in regards to them going to a local dealership with our quote, but there have been numerous occasions where they've made the trip to see us and buy from us as well. What we earn vs what we pay is a positive net for us, so we will continue to use them until that stops being true. I don't care what advertising they're using, as long as they make us money. Once they stop being a profitable option, they will be dropped.
mark rask
This is interesting. We dropped them a while back and have seen no fall off in sales
Robert Niven
Scott Painter, CEO of TrueCar - "Consumers who want "truth, transparency, an up-front price" will do business with TrueCar, he said, while those who want to buy cars in a traditional manner will go to AutoNation." That statement sounds a lot like what CarFax said about dealerships that didn't offer a CarFax.
Mark Dubis
Remember the story of the American Indians, who accepted the hospitality and friendship of the new settlers when they first arrived. Then the settlers started feeling pretty confident on their own and wanted more and more and more. Where is the great population and culture of those native Americans today? Oh yeh, they were essentially wiped out. Today the dealers are the Indians but they don't see it because their vision only extends for 30 days out, and they need to hit their numbers this month. I guess we will all see how this plays out over the coming years.

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