Have You Claimed Your FREE Google Local Places Listing?

Michael Ofori
Did you know that you are ALREADY a partner with Google in the Local Places Listing space? Google has already preprogrammed and search optimized over 50Million businesses worldwide. The sad fact is ONLY 3% of businesses have Claimed their FREE Google Local Places Listing website. Many small dealers continue to spend thousands on Yellow Pages, Newspaper or other offline publications where they have no idea about the marketing effectiveness of their investment. All a dealer has to do is CLAIM their listing from Google. Auto dealers must ensure they claim their Google Local Places Listing and integrate it into their overall multimedia advertising strategy. Of course, it is always not quite as simple as merely claiming your listing to continue to be ranked on page 1 or 2. There are several monthly optimization maintenance tasks that must be done to keep your high ranking and also ensure your site is mobile enabled. I find it incredulous that some dealerships have NOT claimed their FREE Google Local Places Listing. It is an extremely powerful FREE channel for your business! And if claimed, optimized and mobile device enabled, it becomes a key cog in a dealer’s multi-media advertising strategy. So, go to your Local Google Places Listing and search for your company. You might pleasantly find out that you are already ranked BY DEFAULT on page 1 or 2. However, note that as more businesses claim and optimize their sites, you are at risk of falling into oblivion! Unfortunately, you may also find out that you have a reputation problem online! Better to find out NOW and do something to fix it. Check it out and let me know what you think. Questions on how to claim your listing or how we can help you are welcome.

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