Haystack great Seo /SEM company? How much money should you spend on SEO/SEM?

Heather Matos
I'm currently at NADA I'm researching our best tools for our Marketing campaign in digital world. Currently only have manufacturer dealer.com site. Spend money on Seo and SEM but don't know if it's enough? Any advice and recommendation will be helpful.
Mark Frost
Hi Heather, For your situation, a second website focused on SEO best practices/conversions sounds in order. Many OEM-mandated websites suffer from poor structure and SEO, which not only hurts your ability to increase organic traffic but convert the visitors you're already getting as well. In order to provide the best advice, however, I'd need to understand your dealership's goals. What are the biggest reasons you're seeking SEO services? (Feel free to message me privately if that's something you don't want to speak about publicly, as I'd be happy to provide as much information as possible.)
Dan Ferguson
Heather...if you don't mind sharing...tell me your brand(s) and market. I will let you know what our company would recommend. No strings.
Carl Maeda
I agree with Mark. It is nearly impossible to do good SEO on many OEM-mandated websites. You can do SEM but the SEM landing pages are usually challenging to do as well. A/B Testing is more difficult as well and AB Testing will increase conversion rates. Tell us your goals and we can try to steer you in the right direction. Thank you.
Cody Jerry
@Dan looks like she is Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and KIA. Most likely asking about Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, though. SEO and SEM on Dealer.com is doable, even with the Dodge Dealer.com site. We have several Dealer.com sites doing really well. SEO should include new content each month, improvements to past content and quality link building (not just forum and blog comments). If you are getting these things then you should be paying around $1000+ each month. Depends on the amount of content, and number of links. For SEM you typically see either a 10-15% of budget for the retainer, and a $2000-4000 spend. Some companies offer tiered costs. $250 for $xxx spend, $500 for $xxxx spend, etc. Your average dealership will typically spend $1000-$5000/month on SEM. It really depends on the market since you only pay for the clicks you get. As for Haystack, as a competitor I'm biased. I do know some people that are happy with the SEM, though.
Dan Ferguson
completely agree with Cody's SEO assessment and starting dollar figure on both SEO and SEM.

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