Heatmap Testing and Eye Tracking - Do You Use It?

Eric Miltsch
@Adam, Great question. I've used http://www.crazyegg.com/ in the past and it worked very nicely. IMO these type of programs work best on custom designed websites. Using this type of program on the standard cookie-cutter template sites the major website vendors provide is good for testing out which type of call to actions your visitors respond to - plus it can help bring more clarity to basic usage patterns.
Bill Simmons
How do you feel that the heat map sites differ from the "in page analytics" feature that is built into Google Analytics? I've never used a heat map site but it seems they provide similar info.
Eric Miltsch
@Bill, The main difference with Google's tracking is that can't see the visual history of the changes you made to your site. You'll always see the most recent version, but it will have the old data of your site & that's the whole point of tracking these actions - to compare the activity on the old version with the data on the new version.
Adam Ross
Thanks for the feedback! I think the biggest difference is that heatmap tracks where they LOOK, not necessarily where they CLICK. Google Analytics mostly focuses on the click, but how best got get MORE clicks? I stumbled upon Attention Wizard and Visual Website Optimizer...
Eric Miltsch
@Adam - that's basically the point. If you're getting a high concentration of "looks" in the desired area, then you know something is working to drive the attention. If you've got an even distribution of "looks" throughout the page then you'll know that your users are confused or just don't know where to look. These tools are great for eliminating the clutter.
Chad Sabatka
I use www.crazyegg.com religiously on our custom in-house dealership sites. Combine it with information within Google Analytics, and I have an extremely good grasp on how our visitors are using the site and what their intentions are.

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