Heic Images vs. Jpeg?

Derrick Woolfson

I have noticed that when taking a photo w/ my iPhone that it saves the photo as a heic image, not a jpeg? And because of that, it does not often allow me to upload the photos to our CRM or other tools, is anyone else having this issue or found a work-around? 

Morgan Hardy

There should be an app that you can download to convert the format of the photo. I have an android so my apps available are different than they would be for apple users, but there are a couple of good ones out there!

Aimee Rogers

You should be able to change the way it saves photos.  Go into settings, then camera, then formats, and then select "most compatible." 

Derrick Woolfson

OMG, @Aimee you are a life saver!!! I so wish I would have learned this months ago haha! Thank you, thank you!!!! :) 

Aimee Rogers

You're welcome!  :) Glad I could help!   Keep in mind that the jpeg files are about double the size of the heic files so your phone will fill up faster. 

Derrick Woolfson

I can see haha! I had to upgrade my iCloud storage. The problem was that the inventory app we use would not accept heic images. So I had to create the icloud link. Save them to my computer. Convert them to jpeg. Then finally load them to the website. It was a torturous process! You have no idea how much easier my life is now :) 

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