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Micky Waters
Hello everyone, great community on here. I'm new to the industry and wanted to get some advice on various DMS/CRM companies I've been speaking with. Although we've been in the rental industry for over a decade, working on the retail side is rather new for everyone involved with our company. We have over 50 rental units, including highline vehicles, but would like to begin our used vehicle operation with 5-7 units (non-highline but would like to get there one day!) and then build from there. That being said, fellow DrivingSales members, what would you say is the best approach (software wise) to how we launch our business in the most cost effective manner? At the moment, Ive spoken with everyone from Vauto to LotVantage, to DealerEssesntials to DealerEProcess etc, but can't fully deduce what is truly essential to launch a new used car operation. We have auctiongenius/carfax.. but that's all we use to acquire inventory. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else on here successful in running a dual Rental/Retail operation? Is it even prudent to create a dual operation that offers both car sales and rental? Should I keep them separate? Thanks!!
James Jalali
Hi Phil, There are many DMS software are available and they all have almost same features. DMS basic functions are, inventory management (keeping track of all your inventory, including, purchased from, purchased price), and Deals/customer management where you can package your deals/Sales and print contract. Some extra features are BHPH, Quick book integration and so fort. I have tried at least 5 of them, Automanager has been the best. with Automatic updates. The same rules applies to CRM. Before choosing our CRM, I got at least 12 demos, Dominion Webcontrol is Solid reliable and user friendly. Good luck with your retail operation.

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