Help with Google Search Results on Place Pages for generic search terms

Craig Waikem
Help with Google Search Results on Place Pages for generic search terms Currently when you search our city and used cars or our city and new car dealerships (for example; Used Cars Massillon Ohio) the Search Results from Google has several auto dealerships listed, with location and google rating. Ours is not listed. We have a Google Place + page, our page is Google certified, we had Google come take photos and upload them to the Google + page by a Google certified photographer, we have over 50 reviews, we spend money on adwords, we are located in Massillon Ohio and our website platform Dealer E Process has average to above average SEO scores/ranking. We are also the largest dealer in the city we are searching for and sell the most cars. Any ideas what should we do next to get on this list? We do our SEM, and Google + management in house fyi. Please post responses on this forum to better each other rather than ask to be privately solicited and direct messaged. I have screenshots, anyway to upload photos to forums?
Craig Waikem
And organically and SEM we rank first, or near the top on any given search. It's the listing of dealership/google places that we do not appear on.
Lauren Moses
Okay, So I deleted my last comment cause, Let's face it...I had a blonde moment! Anyways, so I'm gunna respond on here instead of just on facebook because I'm awesome like that. ;) I am wondering if it has something to do with the map pulling it. Maybe like the vicinity of the dealership to what google is considering the center of the town? Since when you click on the map view to pull all used car dealers y'all do show up. Smell what I'm steppin in? Maybe reach out to google and see what their explanation is?
Craig Waikem
Thanks Lauren, yes that definately seems plausible. Our mailing address is Massillon, but we are not located in the city, just outside in Perry Township.
Lauren Moses
Well you also saw my comments on facebook. If it's because your site isn't mobile friendly I would definitely get with your rep and get them to get on it asap. From the looks of it y'all have lots of competition to be fighting and y'all not showing up on the map without having to click to see it is a big deal.
Leigh Fox
Hey Craig. I think you are talking about the knowledge graph popping up on Google. "Used Cars" and "New Car Dealership" are very broad, high-funnel seo terms. Everyone from Carmax to AutoTrader BoBo's rock lot to every single new car dealership in every zip code will be competing to show up/could be relevant to that search query... aka no one dealership really "Deserves" to rank for that spot because it is too vague. Your KG does pop up when I Google "waikem Massillon Ohio", "Massillon Ohio kia dealership", and "Massillon Ohio Honda dealership", which is what you want to rank for. Hope that helps!

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