HomeNet IOL Essentials - Average Pricing?

Jillian Marchewka
Hey Everyone, I am toying around with a new website idea (long story,) and I am looking for a basic online inventory management program to pull a feed from our DMS, edit vehicle details, upload pictures, and then distribute XML feeds to our self-hosted website, AutoTrader, etc. Nothing fancy, but just the basics to make life easier so I don't have to upload multiple places, hence why I am looking at HomeNet's IOL Essential Package. While it is already annoying me that I cannot get a hold of a Sales Rep at HomeNet (called twice today so far,) to ask some questions, I figured I would give them a chance to redeem themselves when they do get in touch with me. Big question is, does anyone have a basic monthly cost estimate on the IOL Essentials Package? We're trying to be as budget-conscious as we can being that we are a newer independent dealership with a lot of overhead that we need to pay off before bringing in some profit. Or if you have any other budget friendly suggestions that will accomplish what I am trying to do, let me know! P.s. Our current website Inventory Solution is DealerTrend Wordpress Plugin and we pay about $300/Month for website inventory and 1 feed sent to AutoTrader... We'd like to be around this price point or lower.
Dealer Apex
Your going to probably be around $399 for that package but it comes with some useful tools like comparing your vehicle prices with dealers in 100 mile radius. You also are able to send to un-liminted amount of lead providers. You will also be able to send your inventory to about 15+ national sites. Their customer service is generally really good. Surprised you have not gotten through to them. Call back select 1 then 1 and ask for Tiffany Hope this Helps
mark rask
We use liquid motors.....not expensive but good
Tony White
HomeNet has went to POTS since ATC bought them out. I should know. I used to work for ATC and used Homenet for over 12 years. Homenet's Customer service is gone down and same with their sales team. I would check out AutoFusion since he is actually responding and wanting your business. Second, I would also give DealerTrack.com a try.
Chris K Leslie
@Jillian - If you haven't yet. Take a look at Netlook.com they do some pretty rad stuff. They are able to poll, parse and display. Something that Homenet isn't able to do ( I have them too )I do all types of things with them like have them group all of my store's inventory so I can use it as an internal resource on a subdomain of our blog http://cars.heroautogroup.com Or I have another subdomain where I had them rip out all the specific store branding and replace with different branding for http://chevy.lasvegaschevrolet.com They are super cheap too. Let me know if that helps.
Ken Rucker
Take a look at WalkTheLot.com. We've been around and successful for over 14 years. Many dealers haven't heard of us as we just don't do massive advertising, since our primary clientele are data collection and windows sticker companies. However, all of the feed recipients have since we've been dealing with them reliably for so long. Dealer pricing starts at around $135/mo. and we should have everything you would want at a much better quality. For example, our mobile data collection, photo, and sticker printing app is top-notch and is used by professional window sticker companies nationwide, as well as some dealers. We keep it small and personal, and take pride in internally built craftsmanship so to speak. No startup fee's. No contracts. We figure, if a client loves us they will stay. If they don't, we don't need attorney's to force them too :). Absolute best no matter who you choose.

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