HookLogic redemption process?

Bill Simmons
In my store, the managers are the ones that handle the redemption's. If the customer shows but doesn't have the printout, no problem. We can verify through our CRM and the HookLogic dealer portal site that they actually received the coupon.It has been a great conversion tool for our store.
Casey Copeland
Bill, Thanks for the feedback! Do you guys work the leads any different than a normal lead you would receive? - Casey
Bill Simmons
The email follow-up template is specific to the offer and the fact it is a no obligation test drive. The same with the first follow-up phone call. We find that some customers may be a bit skeptical that we are actually going to give them something. Once we overcome that, we sell the appointment and begin discussing the car that they selected.
Casey Copeland
Bill, Thanks again. Last question if you don't mind. Do you mind much manipulation, if any with the gift certificates? Has there been situations where people feel like a "HookLogic" appointment is any less valuable?
Bill Simmons
Don't mind at all Casey. Maybe a little bit in the beginning. But after being on the program for a while and the salesman selling half of the people that show up a car, any skepticism or manipulation goes away pretty quickly! Hope that helps.
Casey Copeland
Bill, Thanks for all the insight. I helps a lot!

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