How 2 Social Media - What actually works?

Brian Randio
Ok, so we are all on Facebook, and twitter, and Instagram - But those pages (being business pages) are limited in how they can actually engage. Right? They say engagement is the key to those sites actually producing for a business. But how can you engage since your page is not a person? We post, we put out specials, news and interesting things sometimes, maybe ask questions and share photos but no real engagement from the "fans". I don't like doing too many giveaways. I feel that's like buying artificial likes. What can or what do you do that works. How do you get "real" engagement from the people. How do you turn this into something worth the time beyond just something someone may see in their feed? I'm sure we would all like to get some good thought's here.
Jason Stum
Hey Brian, great questions. Social Media for the dealership in 2015 is neither free nor easy. If you're going to be active on social media, you have to be very intentional how you go about it. Quite frankly, it's something that we've struggled with the last year and a half, but have recently recommitted our efforts to be successful for today and in the future I don't mean to leave you hanging, but I'm putting the finishing touches on a blog post that will be published here on (Tuesday or Wednesday) which I think will speak to much of what you're talking about. In the meantime, I know some other folks will drop by and give you their input.
Danny Spurgeon
Great book to check out is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Gary Vaynerchuk
Brian Randio
Thanks Jason and Danny. We have done an OK job, but I really am looking for some input because I cannot rely on just what I alone think should happen. Appreciate the input and look forward to hearing more.
Steve Tuschen
We have 7 brand promises and videoed our employees talking about them and they have gained a lot of traction in views, likes, and comments. It has to be original content and something that gains the viewers attention. Their was a link to the unclickable ad which was a good read and goes to your point, think of the badger car commercials everyone watches them and laughs, you have to find your brand and figure ways to portray it out.
Michael Bilson
@ Steve...the Badger Car Commercials are still video's that I share with new employees and clients alike. They are engaging and funny and they never get old. @ Brian...Engagement is the key. I currently work for a vendor and we only measure success by engagement. It does not matter how many clicks, likes, views or opens a dealer how many he ENGAGES. The Dealers that engage the most people will sell the most cars.

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