How are you Branding your dealership?

Drew Bettiol

At my CDJR store they want me to start sending email blasts every thursday just talking about our Brand to keep us in the mind of costumers. We are a large dealership in a really small town so people don't really know about us. What are some things you would talk about in your message to future buyers to let them know you exist? 

Steve Weisman

Hi Drew,

Is brand awareness the only goal for the email campaign?

How will you measure success for this effort?  

A large dealership in a small town, likely isn't a total unknown, so I would keep in mind the goal of selling cars, along with brand awareness.

Including a call to action is critical here, so something inviting shoppers to view monthly specials, or incentivizing them to come into the dealership, would be reasonable.

Also, consider your frequency and messaging together.  If you're emailing the same people every week, there should be value in that email, otherwise you will see declining numbers in open rates, and many folks unsubscribing all together.

Dane Saville

Hey, Drew!

There are a few things you can do, but the one thing that I'd emphasize the most is to make it valuable to the recipients and not just a sales message.

So, here are some ideas:

(1) What is your dealership doing to help the community? Do you hold a golf tournament, volunteer time, donate money, sponsor a cause -- Anything that you're doing to be a part of the community, highlight that event/nonprofit with some info. about it and CTAs for others to get involved. You can then mention at the end how your dealership is involved.

(2) Are you writing helpful blog content? Maybe it's a blog about the different dashboard icons, explaining what they mean. Maybe it's a full description of what a new feature or option on a vehicle is and how it affects the consumer. Maybe it's a chart of how often you need to have different services performed on your vehicle -- with varying degrees based on mileage/age of the car. Then, blast that helpful content out.

(3) Do you have a new GM, service manager, etc. Do a video or writeup that introduces the audience to them, and, if you can, segment them out by consumers who haven't come in for service in X number of months or bought a new vehicle in X number of years.

Get creative. Think about how you can segment your audiences for the eblast, then tailor content you create to those audiences for tailored eblasts.

I hope that this helps.

Drew Bettiol

Hi Steve,

Brand awareness and keeping the dealership top of mind for people is the only goal. I have no clue how to measure this. This store is still in it's infant stages as it hasn't even been open a year but the owner is wanting to get the word out there more without spending any money on advertising so the pressure is on me to blast people's inboxes and get them to come visit the dealership even to just get their car serviced. I am just a little stressed with how to word it correctly.

Drew Bettiol

Hi Dane,

Thank you for the insight man! Not going to lie to you, we have done none of those things mentioned before and with the way things are unfortunately they will not do them either...It's all a something for nothing kind of approach. I struggle to even get sales specials from them. So I am left trying to put something together.

Dane Saville


Writing blog content is free, so, if you can find the time to do some research and writing, I think you'd get a lot of brand awareness value out of creating it -- and it would serve the dual purpose of also being eblasted. You don't need to ask anything of the dealership other than ensuring the blog is linked in the navigation of the website. The same goes for the new employees: it costs nothing to do a writeup about them. 

Since I'm reading that the dealership is brand new, do you have a cool business center, do you offer a shuttle service, do you have a state-of-the-art service bay? What are some differentiators that you can communicate to prospects? That could also help buoy the efforts you're making with blog content -- take some good shots of the dealership.




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