How are you Branding your dealership?

Drew Bettiol

At my CDJR store they want me to start sending email blasts every thursday just talking about our Brand to keep us in the mind of costumers. We are a large dealership in a really small town so people don't really know about us. What are some things you would talk about in your message to future buyers to let them know you exist? 

Steve Weisman

Hi Drew,

Totally hear where you're coming from, the pressures of limited funds and unlimited expectations are real!

I would consider getting some blog content going, as Dane suggested, on the dealership website.  You can also lean on Facebook and other Social Media platforms to engage the community, and drive increased brand awareness.


Additionally, you can create some how-to videos that may garner shopper attention, even if they are not advertising a specific incentive or model line.  For example, warning signs for service in a car, how to parallel park, change a tire, things like that.


If you can throw a small branding element on those videos, upload them to YouTube, and host them on your website, you may bring in new shoppers and it will largely cost time more than money.


Best of Luck, you got this!



Bart Wilson

What do you guys think about the frequency?  Is once a week a good cadence?  Is that too frequent for an email blast?

Dane Saville

Totally agree with Steve here on all of his pointers. You can even repurpose some of that content into infographics, so you're hitting on different styles of learning/engagement.

With videos, you could even create a repository of helpful "how-tos" and have a link to that "Drew's Don'ts and Do's" -- that's a little cheesy, but don't be afraid to brand yourself, too. 

Bart, that's a great question. I think the best approach is this ...

Send out the first eblast and watch the engagement. 

People who open it and click on content, I'd move into an "Interested" bucket, which would get once per week.

People who don't open it, I'd move into an "Uninterested" bucket, which would get once per month.

If people in the "Uninterested" bucket start engaging with content, I'd move them.

The cadence and content might also depend on other information Drew has about them. Do they own an SUV, a truck, a sedan, a cabriolet? What age are they? 

If you use a platform like MailChimp, you can segment your lists (as I've referred to as a bucket) based on that and send even more highly tailored content to them.

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, we have a monthly newsletter that goes out to the customer - the purpose for us is branding. As for the content, it is always a soft sales approach where we have one or two strong CTA's. Other than that, it is articles/content about the dealership, OEM, as well as local events. The average open rate for the newsletter is roughly 30ish+% and we always include a monthly gift card contest. I can send you a sample if you would like? 

Mark Dubis

Drew, you have been given some great ideas here to build a brand, but if your owner isn't willing to commit more resources and dollars to the initiative then you are just rolling the stone up the hill.  Generally, most folks do not respond to emails. Ask your owner when was the last time he/she bought a product or service from an email?   Unless you are selling cars at 75% off the list price, folks will pretty much ignore your emails. and if recipients do not have an option to say how often they want to hear from you, you'll be getting tons of unsubscribes. I wish you good luck. Also, you do not share your location or insights about the community and its culture. Your messaging will be impacted by that too.   Feel free to call and chat anytime.

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