How are you Branding your dealership?

Drew Bettiol

At my CDJR store they want me to start sending email blasts every thursday just talking about our Brand to keep us in the mind of costumers. We are a large dealership in a really small town so people don't really know about us. What are some things you would talk about in your message to future buyers to let them know you exist? 

Drew Bettiol


I created a free blog page on Wordpress and I've only done like 2 posts but I am not sure how this page affects traffic to the site. I do plant links to our website within the content however.

We do have a state of the art facility and shuttle services. All the good stuff but people just don't really know we exist unless they drive into this small town.


Thank you man!

Drew Bettiol


Thank you all for these nuggets. It's just very frustrating when you know the right way to do things but the decision makers are not willing to listen to you or comply because it costs money.

I agree Mark with people unsubscribing from our email list from the frequency. Once a week with emails containing little to no value just seems a bit ridiculous to me. 

THIS IS A PAY TO PLAY LEAGUE! That's just my view on things. 

I really appreciate all of you and the constant help you are providing me and this community.

Marie Nies

Hello, also have a look at this link: And let us know what happens or what you think ? 

Mark Rask


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