How are you Increasing Talk Time and Conversions in your BDC?

Michael Bilson
Curious what strategies or products others are using to help the BDC Department reach more customers and convert more into showroom traffic.
Grant Gooley
This app ROCKS! Fantastic for BDC: Little investment, large returns with a free cloud based software that helps you understand how interested the customer is in what you are marketing to them. If you want a Loyalty program that converts, this is the best. IMO
Michael Bilson
@ Grant...I see that it helps identify who might be the hottest leads...but getting a two way conversation with customers seems to be a greater challenge today than in the past. Looking for tools or strategies that increase talk time or reduce BDC burnout/turnover.
Grant Gooley
I get that for sure. A good Automated Marketing Tool (like Bumper) will create more leads for the BDC, in turn, allowing your BDC to have customers to call and talk about the Loyalty deal at hand. It's a great conversation starter and a great offer for the customer. BDC employees burnout rate sometimes comes from a lack of leads or QUALITY leads. No replies from the customer etc.. A marketing tool that can drive quality leads will definitely help boost appointment bonus payout. Keeping an engaged BDC.. Just a thought...
Brandon Abel
Michael, there is a tool available now that is specifically designed to increase 'talk time' with online leads. It integrates with website contact forms but with CRMs there is usually a little brainstorming to do regarding co-operating with them. With the nebulous definition of just what a BDC is (seems to be different for every dealership) it would depend on your position in the sales and customer relations process. The customer calls that come from this system are generally new warm leads who have just finished viewing a vehicle on the web site and filled out the contact form with their name and phone number on that page. Their phone number is run through a VOIP system and whoever has been designated at the dealership gets a call in like 5 seconds. They follow the voice prompts and connect to the customer who's phone rings with that sales rep already on the line.
Michael Bilson
Brandon...I am assuming you are speaking of Call Drip..??

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