How are your website stats?

Linda Loepker
This is my first month that website visitors are down year over year. It's only a 1% YOY decrease, but not happy. 15% down from November visitors. Is anyone else seeing this? I am using some Google PPC, Facebook (ads and content), email blasts. Sales are down for the month as well. I admit I have not been completely focused - Christmas prep, installing a CRM (Yay!), and I finally took some time off. Down trend started in November, but we were up 28% YOY. Appreciate any insight and wishing you all a happy new year :)
Ricky Patrick
Traffic is down 6% from November but business has actually been better. I don't think 1% is anything to worry about. How does your inventory count compare to previous periods? Has your ad budget changed? If you use Google Analytics, you can look under "Acquisition" to see which specific traffic sources have increased/decreased.
Linda Loepker
Our time on site and page views have increased; bounce rate is lower. So I don't think it is all bad. CDK analytics actually show us UP over last month. I have blocked some countries and sites in Google analytics. Spend is about the same - a little less on Google PPC, and I have not been advertising much in print (small, local weekly papers).
Mark Frost
Linda, are you saying that you were up 28% YOY until November rolled around? If that's the case, it's common to see traffic dip in November or December. To determine if this is a big concern or not, I'd need to see a graph of your November/December traffic compared to last year. The reason is, you might be experiencing dips around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but traffic should pop back up after that. If traffic is simply tanking, that's the sign of larger issues, likely tied to organic search traffic. More than happy to help in any way possible.
mark rask
Traffic to the site was up until the last two months.....downturn at that point
Linda Loepker
I was up YOY for 2015 until December hit - I don't have exact percents for the entire year. Our organic search looks strong. This week is usually really busy, and it's quiet now also. Just worried - I don't want to see January down also. Historically, winter - January and February - are tough here. Last year we had a lot of snow. Hopefully I'm worrying needlessly.

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