How Do Dealers Measure Effectiveness of Traditional Media Advertising?

Mike Gorun
Much ado has been made about the demise of traditional media: TV, radio, billboards and newspapers. But many dealers still spend a substantial portion of their budgets on these outlets. So the question is, how do they measure the effectiveness and ROI? Placing unique toll free numbers in ads is one way to track and measure results. What are some others? Dealers, how do you track the effectiveness of traditional media advertising?
Jim Bell
That is a tough one to try to figure ROI on. I think the ONLY way to track it is by tracking numbers. You can't count on salespeople to do it because everyone is a drive-by. I think that is one of the reasons that dealers have pulled away from traditional marketing. They can't track an ROI on it, so let's scrap it. If there is no way to track ROI, I have a hard time spending the money on the campaign.
Jared Hamilton
Tough call... 1. I dont believe that there is a demise of traditional media. To many emarketers think traditional is dead thanks to digital. Perhaps surprisingly i dont agree. Traditional media is NOT as trackable, nor as focued as digital, so digital certainly has it beat. But that does not imply DEAD for traditional. I think traditional is good in is correct place. The biggest problem with traditional is the price. It has gotten so expensive, and when you combine that with its lack of trackability it becomes a dangerous risk. Where would I put traditional? After Digital. Spend all you can on the deals that you KNOW are producing good return. With the rest of the budget go TV and Radio, also, push that TV and Radio to Digital. As far as tracking traditional, you can track engagement on the digital properties you send people to. You can know the reach and frequency of your buy... but in all, traditional is most untrackable. What am I missing?
Jeff Cryder
I agree with Jared, there isn't a demise of Traditional Media. Current research is still showing traditional is live and well. the reason why many dealers have trouble capturing the ROI of their traditional media efforts is because they're left on an island. It's not being synergized with your other marketing efforts. Jared's insight is completely sound. But I'll my 2 cents, driving traffic to digital means more than simply putting your website URL on the screen. Think deeper and more strategic.
Bryan Armstrong
I know it is off topic, but I break up the role of all advertising into three objectives: 1. Top of Mind Awareness- they may not need me now, but when they do, they remember me. 2. Branding- establishing myself as a credible source for goods or services or content reflective of National campaigns. 3. Call to Action- creating immediate impact Now, with that being said, I KNOW how I can do all these things on line and track them and probably for less money than traditional, but I will continue a presence in most of those mediums. I use CallSource on a self-provisioning platform, so every CREATIVE gets a unique tracking number, I build out custom landing pages (with analytics) I put go codes for text campaigns, and I KNOW I don't get it all. But that's o.k. because just maybe I'll be in the top of their mind when they're chatting with their neighbor and she mentions she needs a car...

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