How do you approach your local SEO listings

Craig Ness

With google looking more and more for organic listings that weren't computer generated how you you approach your local seo? Do you manually add and edit each listing or do you use a service like YEXT to feed your local info out? If you use a service what are some options of what people are using?

Mark Rask

we have used a service like text

Brad Paschal

Moz Local

Local Search Ranking factor webinar:


Chris K Leslie

From what I hear Yext is expensive. I do know Moz Local isnt nearly as costly and is pretty darn good too. 

Kurt Lytle

Moz, YEXT and RevLocal.  RevLocal will go month to month and use YEXT to push out the data.  Templates should be used to optimize each listing and periodically overlay them again.  It's a cost of being in an Internet based business.

Mike Hastings

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