How do you become a better YOU in the auto biz?

Ryan Gerardi

With 2020 on the very near horizon, I am interested in knowing what dealers here on DrivingSales are evaluating or scrutinizing as 2019 comes to a close. Fixed ops seems to have become a popular topic of conversation over the last year, and the term Digital Retailing sure went through the ringer - another soon-to-be buzzword of the past?

My focus for 2020 will be on education and collaboration with Auto Retail Owners, Operators, and Marketers, specifically in the areas of marketing operations and profitability.

Aside from industry events such as DSES, where do you go to stay informed and keep up with industry trends? And what percentage of your time would you say you put on staying informed, learning, and training and developing your skills and expertise?

In other words, how do you become a BETTER you in this business? Thanks.

Bart Wilson

Great question Ryan.  The beauty of the world we live in is there are many different sources we can turn to when trying to become better.  I feel like we're kind of in a phase where there is TOO much.  You need to be able to filter and manage your time well by finding the best, most relevant content.

Community, what are you trying to learn about and how do you like to consume it?

Drew Bettiol

Researching the areas you struggle in with the business and ask the questions to the experts who are excelling in them and just get better. That's how I improve, I just ask questions and implement what I learn.

Kennedy Powers

If you are looking to improve in a few areas you should check out Slipstream Creative: 

Chris K Leslie

I think to be better you have to keep trying new things. But at the same time you need to not be married to any of them. 

Bart Wilson

I also think it's good to get some feedback from others.  Often, we can't see where we need to improve.  We get blind to it.  Having someone you trust that will give you some constructive insight can be valuable.

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