How do you combine all of your marketing?

Shannon Hammons
What types of marketing do you use and how do you make sure all of your messages are the same? i.e. Digital, Tv, Newspaper(if you still do), Billboard, Mailer's, and any other types I may not have listed? Thanks in advance for your input.
Dealer Apex
Communication! First do use an ad company? If so they probably handle most of the advertisement aside of Digital. I am a website provider and I am in touch with my dealer's ad company or they are in touch with me. It is crucial that your message is the same across the board. Now if you are doing in house ads it's up to you to let your website provider what you are pushing for the week/month.
Shannon Hammons
No I don't use an ad agency.
Lauren Moses
One person handles everything. The main thing that we do is newspaper and billboards. And social but that's different. I handle all of the newspaper and billboard ads. You can't always match them because our billboards stay up for a few months at a time but our newspaper ads get changed twice a week.
Lezlie Brannan
We do a little of everything - digital, social, tv, radio, newspaper, and email. For TV, we stick with dealership branding. But for everything else, I make sure they have the same message. I keep a spreadsheet going of what's currently being advertised, with stock #s, prices, and incentives - and update as incentives and inventory change.
Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
Me being in the Direct Mail/Staffed Events we work along with what each dealer is doing so that we don't burn out their database and/or over saturate their market. mainly by coming up with new fresh ideas for their dealership!

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