How do you leverage your reviews?

Bart Wilson

We all know the emphasis Google is putting on reviews. Other than GMB or SEO, how are you using your reviews?

Christian Younggren

@ Bart-

I would like to offer up this tip....what if you put a link to your dealership or individual salesperson customer reviews in an follow up email or text?

You could say something like, "Mr. Jones, when one is trying to determine if they would like to business with a dealership the question is not what the dealer is saying about themselves, but what do actual people who've done business with this dealership say about them." "Here's a link to that will answer that question...." (link)

Sorry if this is an obvious, already know best practice. It just jumped to my mind when I read your post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Aimee Rogers

We created facebook ads with some of our reviews.  I pared that with photos of the customers with their vehicles. They get alot of attention.  We have gotten customer video reviews too ( don't get as many of those):  We also use them in email blasts.   The other day I made a video for youtube/social media for our Ford Store using a few.    

Bart Wilson

@Aimee, these are really good. Do you find you get good reach on these? Are the customers sharing them?

Bart Wilson

@Aimee: BTW, you've got some good video editing chops!

Aimee Rogers

@Bart, They do get good reach.  They often get a lot of likes as well.  We don't target these ads to recently purchased customers, so they don't usually see them.  Once someone buys they are taken out of the prospecting & retargeting audiences and put into the post sale target audience.  

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